Ausfloat modular pontoons were designed to provide maximum flexibility in dynamic wave climates whilst allowing for maximum flexibility in design layout.

The Ausfloats unique connection by rubber Y bones allow for the easy removal of the pontoons at locations that endure extreme weather events and also allows for the relocation of the system or individual modules when a change of layout is required.

Ausfloats have been used for many applications including:

  • Under bridge maintenance platforms
  • Fish cage supports and feeding pontoons in Aquaculture farms
  • Work Platforms
  • Floating Walkways at Boat Ramps

Some locations where you can see our Ausfloat system in use are:

  • Marine and safety Tasmania – Various locations as floating walkways at boat ramps
  • Parks Victoria – Used as fishing platforms and floating walkways at numerous lakes throughout the State.
  • East Arm Boat Ramp – Darwin
  • Dinah Beach Boat Ramp – Darwin
  • Central Queensland Barramundi Farm
  • Maaroom Boat Ramp floating walkway
  • Mackay Marina Boat Ramp floating walkway

The benefits and features are:

  • Durable high strength rotationally moulded industrial polyethylene floats.
  • Positively buoyed for unsinkable performance.
  • Non skid moulded deck.
  • Flexibility in design and construction configurations.
  • Stainless steel inserts moulded into the floats for attachment of accessories.
  • UV stabilised polyethylene for long life in hot environments.
  • Solid rubber “Y” bone connectors to allow operationally flexible joints.
  • Stainless steel connector bolts for long life and low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Suitable for permanent and temporary installations.

Reconfigurable, relocatable and removable for severe sea and weather conditions.