The difference is in the detail

The Jetty Specialist was established in April 1986 as an operating company specialising in the design, construction and installation of pontoons and boardwalks for the South East Queensland domestic waterfront market .

Since then the Jetty Specialist has become the leading supplier within the domestic market and through continual focus on research and development has now made it’s mark on the commercial and government areas as well.

We offer a complete one stop Design
and Construction Consultancy Service.


One of the keys to their success has been their understanding of the needs of the client and the community who will use and enjoy the facilities being created. As a sailor, boat builder and marina operator, TJS Marine Group owner, Neil morris, understands the marine environment better then anyone in his field. He has understood from the beginning that quality, functionality, durability and cost are important to his many clients across Australia.

From their state of the art 12,000 sq mt property located in south east Queensland The Jetty Specialist team produce on average over $24million in marine infrastructure components each year. Utilizing their extensive research and design networks when confronted with problems, they take an analytical approach to delivering practical solutions to overcome the many difficulties of working in the sensitive marine environment.

Individually designed Pontoons, Boardwalks and Jetties
from the company that has built its name on Quality, Ethics and Service.

Quality Endorsed Company ISN
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